Sunday, December 16, 2012

Reflect and Discern

Hi All,

To all you out there thank you for reading my blog this semester! I enjoy blogging sorry for being brief at times. This year the theme at Rockhurst was reflection and discernment so now it is time to reflect on the last few weeks. A lot has gone on the last few weeks since Thanksgiving when my last full blog was.

  • I'll start at the end. I had no finals and got a chance to meet up with my former internship supervisor and help out Nonprofit Leadership Alliance with some planning for their conference in January. 
  • On Thursday I took my last final. It is nice to have 4 accounting classes completed and under my belt. It is really rewarding it is still interesting to me and I have a great group of students in my study group. A few of them I have taken all four of my accounting classes with. 
  • On Wednesday I had one final. Additionally, I am not sure if I have mentioned this before in my blog before or not but I am an Accounting and Business Tutor in the Learning Center at Rockhurst (on a side note they set a record of the number of appoints they have had this semester). It is really awesome that at Rockhurst University lets all students come use the Learning Center Tutors for any subject for free (unlimited times too). 
    • I really enjoy being an accounting tutor. It is nice because I spent 2-3 hours tutoring someone for my accounting class. I feel like I understand the concepts better when I take the time to explain it to someone. 
    • I really enjoy helping people! 
    • It is a paid job :) 
    • It also looks good on your resume.
  • On Tuesday I did not have any final exams. We had a discussion in my developing worlds economics class. It was a great class. We studied how organizations can be effective in dealing with development in third world countries. 
  • Monday was a day full of studying since I did not have to take the optional final. 
This is my reflection on finals week more to come. There was an abundance of food everywhere we went on finals week. I am pretty sure I gained a few pounds. :)

More of a reflection on the semester to come. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Done with finals!

As of about 3:30 this afternoon I was officially done with finals! Ahhh! Thank you God it feels so great to be done with finals!

This afternoon! I had my last final my Cost Accounting one. It was my hardest final but I am so happy to be home in a few days! Tomorrow night we have a residence life staff party then we will be done! So Saturday morning I am making the 8 hour journey home. I don't mind the long drive home actually it gives me some good time to think etc.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ahhh busy week!

Hi All,

It is getting that time of  the semester. I have a big exam in Finance class Wednesday and if I do good on it I will not have to do take the final in the class! Also I am throwing a Christmas Party and watching the Polar Express on thursday night so it is sure to be a busy week! Check back after Wednesday for a longer blog entry.

In the meantime... there was an awesome awards show on tonight called the CNN Hero's Awards Show. If you have never heard of it before check it out. Their stories are sure to inspire you.

Have an awesome start to your week and check back later in the week for more!