Monday, November 7, 2011

The good (busy) life.

So I apologize in advance that this entry will be shorter. I will have more time to post later in the week. This is just a really crazy week for me (or at least crazier than normal).
One of my friends last year recruited me to help the Association of Fundraising Professionals in Kansas City with a breakfast for National Philanthropy to honor those who have given back to the community. It was a super nice event. I did the audio and visual stuff for the breakfast and awards presentation. I am sure I will elaborate on this event at some point later one. (I have a confession there is a test I should be studying for right now but I really wanted to post.). But procrastination is the life of the college student right?... Well not for me normally I try not to (and succeed at not procrastinating 95% of the time).
On Wednesday night there is an event on campus called Dinner with the Industry sponsored by the Dean’s Student Advisory Board (which I am a part of). We bring in about 30 local professionals in all careers and give students (all majors invited) to come network and have a free three course dinner. Which college student will pass up free food right? Well sorry to cut this short but I have an American Government test I should get back to studying for.
So my quote today is going to be from the song Ride of Your Life from the What a Girl Wants movie. Come on here’s your chance. Don’t let it slip right through your hands. Are you ready for the ride of your life. Your dreams are riding on the wind. Just reach out and pull them in and get ready for the ride of your life” 

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