Saturday, January 19, 2013

Week One Done (#TuesdayisMonday)

Well week one of classes are one! (Well the first four day week that is).

On Tuesday we went to our Monday classes because we have this coming Monday we have off for Martin Luther King Day. The PR office made signs saying #TuesdayisMonday. It was weird though I felt like I was back in high school because the homework given on the first day was due the next day. 

Residence Life and the service learning center are putting together a "day on" instead of a day off. Their is a service project going on and then they are showing a movie about Troost avenue and the dividing line that it has been over time. It should be an interesting movie I am looking forward to seeing it. 

This semester is my forth semester in a row in which I do not have classes on Friday. I am really getting used to it. It is a nice day in which I can be productive (at least that is the goal when each Friday begins). Now, it doesn't always happen that way but there is always hope.

I am going to really enjoy my classes this semester I think. My favorite class will be my final nonprofit class that I am required to take for the major, that is Volunteer Management. Since my internship last summer with Northern Illinois Food Bank I have become really interested in volunteers and how organizations can use them more effectively. With the baby boomer generation getting ready to retire I am expecting to see more and more of them volunteer during their free time. A large part of my volunteer management class is going to consist of planning a half day program for a group of girl scouts from Kansas City. The second part of the project is then recruiting volunteers to run the program that we design for them. It should be a really interesting and fun class. 

As an added bonus it has been in the 50's the last two days so I have gotten to go run outside. I did 6 miles each of the last two days. Today's run was really good. 

So at the Nonprofit Conference I was at in Atlanta over the break each campus submits a video on why they think their campus should win campus of the year. One campus used the song "For the Money" by Montgomery Gentry 
Here are the lyrics, it really struck me as I have felt this way that you can't be in it for the money.

Ah, let me tell you a little story about my family

Daddy almost made a living with eighty acres and a plowHe could've bought that place twice over working for someone in townAh, but you should've seen him in his fields at harvest timeHe'd swear the gates of heaven opened and he was standing first in line
You can't be in it for the money Money comes and money goesYou can't be in it for the money Oh, you got to satisfy your soul
I grabbed the world when I turned eighteen I turned it over and I shook it hardI filled my pockets up with money But it burned a hole right through my heart
You can't be in it for the moneyMoney comes and money goesYou can't be in it for the moneyOh, you got to satisfy your soul
You know everybody's got a purposeFrom mending bones to tending farmsYou might say that I found mineWhen I wrap my hands around this guitar
And I still wonder if I'm crazyTrying to bring a dream to lifeBut I look forward to tomorrowAnd I sleep pretty good at night
You can't be in it for the moneyMoney comes and money goesYou can't be in it for the moneyOh, you got to satisfy your soul
You can't be in it for the moneyYou can't be in it for the money

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