Saturday, January 26, 2013

I love 4 day weeks

I am being completely honest in my status. I love these four day weeks. Especially when they skip my most class heavy day (minus that I enjoy the classes on that day). Oh also exciting since I do not have class on friday's my 4 day week turned into a 3 day week. Otherwise this has been a really good week for me and is a relatively light homework weekend. I am taking advantage of the light homework weekend to work on three different scholarship applications.

I was looking at my planner for next week. It seems like next week is when all the club meetings get back into full swing. This past Friday I had our first Honors E-Board meeting of the semester. The Honors program is something I have been involved in since the beginning of Freshman year. Second semester of Freshman year I got elected onto E-Board and have served as VP of Activities for the honors program for the past two years. I really enjoy getting to plan all the activities for the honors program. This year the honors program welcomed it's biggest freshman class that they have had in a long time! It is great to see so many freshman passionate in the honors program. This spring we have the official "Freshman Inductions" into the honors program and then we also have E-Board Elections. One cool thing about freshman inductions is that we choose one freshman to talk about how their experience has been in the honors program.

This past week the learning center also opened again for the semester. As I might have mentioned before I am an Accounting Tutor. This semester I am also an Supplementary Instructor for the Managerial accounting classes. I enjoy getting the opportunity to help the students.

Cool Pic and Quote for the Week:

Hope you enjoy! 
God Bless! 

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