Saturday, February 2, 2013

Semester in Full Swing

Hi All,

Hope everyone had an awesome week. My week seemed to either go bye super fast or felt really long I can not decide which though.

Monday was highlighted by an awesome weather day. The high monday was somewhere around 76 degrees. It felt awesome! The campus felt so alive! I think the warm weather brought out the best in everyone. Everyone was outside. A lot of people were running. I actually went for two runs on monday with two friends. It was so nice to be able to get out and run in just shorts and a T-shirt. One run I went on was just two miles the other run was like 6.3 miles. It was nice to catch up with some friends while I was running. A lot of students at Rockhurst like to run. More than I thought would enjoy running, honestly. I remember thinking that freshman year. Also the one room on campus that has to get the most use per square footage is the workout room. That room is always busy. It is a nice room, it is just small. I was joking with a friend it has been particularly busy this semester. My friend replied "It is everyone's new years resolution to work out more frequently and it will die off in a few weeks". My friend is probably true.
This weeks inspirational quote. 

The weather went on a drastic change. It rained all day Tuesday which defiantly changed the number of people that were out and about walking around campus. Tuesday I had an HAC (Honors Advisory Council Meeeting), which consists of two students and about 8 honors faculty members who are on the committee. We advise the Honors Director on various issues. Also on Tuesday afternoon I went to the weekly event campus ministries hosts called pasta and prayer. Which is exactly what is sounds like. We have "prayer" first which is normally mass then we all head over to the campus ministries house for "pasta" which a few students prepare. It is always really nice to have a home cooked meal and fellowship for this weekly event. Last semester I had class during the time so I was not able to attend.

On Wednesday it snowed! We got like an inch of snow here. It is crazy how the weather can turn cold so fast! The rest of the week was pretty routine. Each week I will try to highlight a different part of the week. So keep coming back to check for more!

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