Friday, February 15, 2013

The Waiting Game

First off a big thank you to the one competitive scholar who responded to my last blog post. If there are any other competitive scholars out there feel free to still comment!

With lent already upon all those who are catholic. I feel like I am coming to an end of my waiting game...

Things I have been waiting to hear on:
1. The Truman Scholarship. The Truman scholarship is a $30,000 graduate school scholarship given to about 65 college juniors every year. Each university across the country is allowed to nominate up to four people for the Truman scholarship. I was the only student from Rockhurst that was nominated for the Truman Scholarship. It was a great honor in and of itself to be nominated for the Truman scholarship. Each university that participates in this has a faculty adviser that oversees and helps guides the students through the process. Rockhurst has not had someone win the the Truman scholarship in a long time.

What is really awesome about this scholarship is that there are basically no strings attached. Those who win the scholarship can use the money at any graduate school of their choice. The only catch for the scholars is that 3 out of their first 7 years post graduate school have to be spent working in public service (aka for the government or for a nonprofit organization). Seeing that working for a nonprofit is how I plan to spend my life the one requirement is easy for me.

2. Desk Manager. This past week I had my rehire interview for the on-campus job I currently hold as Desk Manager. I have had the position for the past two years. I will be the first to admit the job has it's challenges but it is a great job overall and I feel so fortunate that I get to be part of the Rockhurst Residence Life Staff. Within the next two weeks I should find out if I am going to be rehired for my position as Desk Manager. I am really excited to hear back about that because it determines my living situation for next year. As crazy as it is, all the housing applications for next year have already opened and deadlines for certain upper-classmen housing options close as soon as March 1st.

3. There are two other scholarship applications that I have finished up over the past few weeks and submit for review this coming week. It will be interesting to see if I get either of those scholarship applications.

4. There is a lot more I am sure. I have to decide what I am doing this summer for work.

Have a fantastic weekend I will post more after I find out about the Truman scholarship. By the way the Truman Scholarship has a funny twitter feed. It is quite entertaining to read. Yesterday they posted a picture of all our applications.. . 

And finally I leave you with my quote for the week. I found this cool website that had quotes from Steve Jobs.. so that is why I have picked his quotes for the next few weeks.
I pray that I may be crazy enough to think that I can change the world. 

Anyone reading out there have any questions for me RU related or just life related?

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