Friday, February 22, 2013

Snow Day #2

Hi All,

Today is snow day number #2 here at the Rock (Rockhurst). It is crazy enough to get one snow day let alone two snow days! Anyway it came at about the perfect time of the semester. It is certainly nice to have a few days just to relax and hang out with friends. Snow days in an neat way draw the campus together. No one can go anywhere off campus so it draws people together. I watched a lot of people sledding outside my dorm room. There is a good hill to sled down my the baseball fields. A lot of college students found sleds somehow or pieces of cardboard to go sledding on. I will admit campus is really pretty all snow covered. There is almost something magical about it. One of my friends and I ventured over to the cafe before most people were up and it so cool because not many people had been out in the snow yet.

The Rockhurst grounds crew and students who work with them have done an awesome job keeping campus clean the past two days. During the heaviest snow yesterday morning they keep shoveling trying to keep the walk ways clean.

Snow days are not all the common at Rockhurst. This was the first snow day we have had in two years. The ones we had two years ago were the first ones we had in something like 6 years. Something that is funny is that this year Kansas City has had more snow than my home town of Chicago has had.

Have a great week! Fun digging out to all those who have snow outside. This has been a crazy weather year.

Here is my weekly quote. Another one from Steve Jobs:

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