Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Week one back from fall break complete

.Hi all,
           So week one back from fall break is complete. It is a good feeling to have one full week of classes down. It is getting to be the hardest time of the semester for me. Classes are starting to kick into high gear. In my two accounting classes we are starting to really dive into some tough stuff. This past week has been homecoming week. So there have been activities every day this week as a part of homecoming week . The theme for homecoming week is Candy land. The annual homecoming dance is going on this evening. Incase anyone is wondering I did not go to the dance. I instead worked in the front desk of XL hall so that the other Desk Assistants could attend the dance.

Sorry for not getting this posted sooner this weekend I was working on my blog entry on Saturday evening then I got sidetracked and Sunday was full of a run and homework. It was a perfect day to run through the weather was great and I had a great friend to go running with! This week looks to be busy week. So it will be interesting as always. There are some exciting events coming up in the next few weeks. I am helping out next week at this event called Nonprofit Philanthropy, which is a Kansas City area event in which they honor people who have made a big impact in the nonprofit sector, whether they be paid or volunteer at area nonprofit organizations. It is a really powerful and fun event. That is only one of the events I have going on over the next few weeks. Over the next few blog entries I will describe these events. 

Have a fantastic week everyone!!!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall Break

Hi all,
I am currently sitting in Chicago Midway’s airport waiting for my flight back to Kansas City. Thus, this is the end of my fall back. At Rockhurst our fall break (really mid-semester break) was Wednesday through Sunday. It has been an awesome fall break filled with lots of time with family. Yesterday my Dad and I went to the Notre Dame vs. Stanford football game. It was an amazing game, Notre Dame ended up winning. The weather was not the greatest, it rained for most of the game but it was still awesome. While I was in South Bend, I got to visit with my grandma who lives there. It was great to get to see her, I had not seen her in a while.
                Other than the trip to South Bend for the game I spent the weekend relaxing at home. I took a trip to the food bank where I did my summer internship this past summer and got a chance to catch up with them which was really nice. Additionally, I did get a chance to do a little bit of homework over the break which gives me a sense of accomplishment for the break.
                It is hard to believe that this semester is already half way over. This next month will be the busiest time of the semester. I have multiple outside of class events that are taking place over the next month, including a trip to the National Honors Conference in Boston a month from now. Prior to the trip to Boston, I have an event called Dinner with the Industry taking place, Doc Henley coming to speak at Rockhurst, an event with the Fundraising Professionals of Kansas City called National Philanthropy Day and finally a Residence Life event called Beyond Words.  Not to mention exams in all my classes. Thus it shall be a fun but busy next month.
While registration for the Spring semester is next week so I should go figure out my class schedule for next semester. Have an awesome week! 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Last two weeks!

Sorry for the extremely short blogging entry last week. It has been a busy time of the semester for me (only two days of classes left till fall break J J J). I have thankfully not had many midterms but many of my friends have been spending this full weekend studying for midterms. Since fall break serves as the midpoint of the semester. Our fall break this year is Wednesday October 10th to Sunday October the 14th.  For fall break I am flying home to Chicago and spending time with my family and then my Dad and I are going to the Notre Dame Football game on Saturday. It will be a busy weekend at home but a fun one!

Meanwhile last weekend here at the Rock was Family and Alumni weekend. My Dad and one of my sisters can in for it. It was great to see them I hadn’t seen them since the I left on August first for Residence Life training. Speaking of Residence Life, part of the festivities over family weekend was a breakfast Residence Life put on for all the Resident Assistants and Desk Managers and their families. It was a really great breakfast! They even took family pictures J (see below for ours). It was such a great weather weekend on Friday night they had the soccer games, carnival and cookout. On Saturday afternoon we spent time walking around the plaza because it was such a nice day out! Finally, to conclude the afternoon we went to the annual family and alumni mass which the President of Rockhurst presided at. The three of us helped at mass with passing out programs. It was a really awesome liturgy in which they honored the “Golden Hawks” as well. All in all it was a really fantastic weekend! Although it made for a super busy week this past week having to play catch up because of course the weekend that my family came in I had a lot of homework. Have a great week everyone!

The Quote for the week is, "It took cancer to realize that being self-centered is not the way to live. The answer is to try and help others" - Terry Fox. He was from Canada and after diagnosed with caner decided to start running across the country on one leg since he lost the other to cancer. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Busy week!

Sorry for not getting a post up sooner but this is such a busy week for me. A longer post will be coming later this week.

But in the meantime check out this link. Haley Long and I were on the news for the grants we received for our respective internship organizations over the summer.

Hope everyone is having a great week!